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Has published admin November 26 2008 7:31:57 AM
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Israel want to sell on auction
In the near future the auction tenders on which the destiny of a domain name will be found out will take place. The owner of this name, inhabitant Majjami Jean - Noel Fridman, has registered it free-of-charge in 1994 - and now, in his opinion, there has come hour to sell.
Has published admin May 29 2008 5:22:52 AM
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To Japanese children have forbidden to use the mobile Internet
The government of Japan is going to limit use of mobile phones by children. In opinion of authorities of the country, on health of schoolboys the mobile Internet negatively influences. For this reason have made the decision to limit function of mobiles phone by only voice services and GPS-navigation. Local manufacturers of electronics have already received the task to develop corresponding devices.
Has published admin May 29 2008 4:49:05 AM
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Google has opened service Sites for all
Several months ago company Google has started Google Sites as a part of project Google Apps for the companies and the organizations which wanted to use service on own domains. Opening service for all comers recently has taken place.
Has published admin May 29 2008 2:30:38 AM
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1,5 Thousand domains will leave per customer
American photographer Fernando Eskovar has exposed on the tenders a portfolio of the domains consisting of 1,5 thousand of names. Experts are inclined to count his world's largest. Cost of domain "portfolio" has been appreciated in $1,5 million. Carrying out of auction is planned for June, 3: the tenders will pass " in alive " on an Internet-platform eBay. The part of the income will be transferred to welfare fund " Make-A-Wish Foundation " which assists children with serious and incurable diseases.
Has published admin May 29 2008 1:33:10 AM
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Internet-advertising runeta puts records
In 2008 the volume of the advertising market in a Runet will be doubled and 800 million dollars will reach, the interrogated participants of the market consider. Thus in sector segmentation of advertizers begins to proceed. The fine and average companies will prefer contextual advertising while large business will prefer mediareklamu.
Has published admin May 29 2008 1:01:32 AM
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Domains in zone IE already 100 thousand
The manager of the national domain of Ireland – organization IEDR – informed, that the number of names registered in zone IE has reached 100 thousand. The Owner of "anniversary" domain became the Irish museum of the modern art. In honour of a holiday registrantu have handed over the certificate on free-of-charge service of the domain during the following of 100 years.
Has published admin May 29 2008 0:33:57 AM
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The advertising agency i-Media synthesizes efforts kopirajterov and optimizatorov
i-Media Continues to introduce the operating time in area the Internet of advertising. The next product preterpevshim changes became advertising texts. Synthesis of efforts kopirajterov and SEO-experts will allow to find "golden mean" in their preparation.
Has published admin May 29 2008 0:06:02 AM
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Batch promotion of a site: to pay it is less – to involve more
In conditions of a constant competition of online-shops attraction of buyers manages all more dearly – in some subjects " a Yandex. Direkta " cost the clique reaches 20 dollars. Experts of company " Сеолоджи " are sure, that know an output: one of these days new service of " batch promotion " has been submitted.
Has published admin May 28 2008 11:19:47 PM
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Program Semonitor will help to save time to Internets-experts in marketing
Company FlamingoSoft, the developer of program Semonitor intended for optimization of a site and his promotion in search systems, has declared an output of the new version of the program.
Functionalities of the program are essentially expanded: support of search system GoGo was added.
Has published admin May 28 2008 7:17:11 AM
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The Belgian newspapers will bring an action on Google
Belgian frankojazychnye editions have declared intention to bring an action against search system Google for infringement of copyrights.
The sum of the claim for publications and storage of the newspaper information without the permission will make 77 million dollars.
The Belgian group on protection of copyrights Copiepresse has declared that representatives of company Google should appear at court in Brussels in September of this year. In opinion Belgian periodicals, as a result of illegal activity of the search giant they have suffered losses in size from 51,7 up to 77,5 million dollars.
Has published admin May 28 2008 6:28:10 AM
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